The Art of the View: It’s More than the Location of a Window

It is nature’s gift and our responsibility to marry our buildings into it.

Architects who are tasked with designing structures on properties with a view–misty mountaintops, glittering coastlines, languid coves–have a unique and principal responsibility to place this view at the top of the hierarchy of the design. It is the main character of the show that every element of the home must be built around, must center, must follow suit. The “view” is fluid. It changes with the angle of the sun, the season, the weather. Thus, the whole of a home within sight of a miraculous view must center that view in relation to its design and function. 


Architecture, and View, Are Not Singular


Most people relate to architecture as a “style.” They judge it by the minute details–the materials and finishes–and fail to zoom out. Perhaps that is because we often see works of architecture through photography, a 2-D plane. Of course, the execution of a design does rely on visual order and scale. However, architecture is a subconscious experience that goes far beyond style and materials.  


This is what separates architects from builders–the architect is trained in creating “delight”. That starts with site planning and mapping out one’s first experience of arrival. The user of the structure knows when something feels right; understands the subconscious desire to want to see more and travel through a plan because they are enticed by the drama that is created by form–how light may poke around a solid, thus generating curiosity to experience more. 


The ”view” is a major part of that. Our projects are designed to maximize daylight, which we utilize to generate planning and spatial flow. Our goal is to entice one into the space, conveying confidence and optimism–a sense of life’s possibilities. Just as architecture is more “experience” than “style”, the view is never singular. It cannot be appropriately captured through one lens, or window, just as the ingenuity and awe behind an architectural masterpiece cannot be captured in a photograph. 


The View is Nature’s Gift


As architects, it is our job to go beyond glass when configuring the home’s design around a view. This is because the view is not simply the location of a window, but the manipulation of the building envelope so that its spaces become a part of that view. It’s about removing the separation between dwelling and view, and making the experience of living in the location an integral part of the surrounding environment.


It is not singular, but multiple experiences through other spaces, from multiple angles. The view changes–the seasonal color of the landscape, calm seas, raging storms, harsh sunshine, soft auras, moody grays. It is nature’s gift and our responsibility to marry our buildings into it.


Design a Home That Reveres Its View with Christopher Pagliaro Architects


If you have secured property with an unmatched view, it is important to work with an architect who understands the vast importance of the home’s design to complement and work with its surroundings. A touchstone of our architectural philosophy is, “All homes should enhance, as well as reflect, the complete context within the environment.” It’s how we create boundary-breaking residences that are born out of their natural landscapes and capture the view in all its infinite forms. To get in touch with our team of award-winning waterfront architects, call us at 203.838.5517 or visit our website here.

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