Bear Mountain Merry-Go-Round and Pavilion

Recognized for its excellence and harmonious blend of nature, art, and architecture, the project was honored with the American Institute of Architects Design Award for Community Architecture.

Nestled along the Hudson River in New York, a true architectural gem awaits— the Bear Mountain State Park's Merry-Go-Round and Pavilion, designed by Roger Bartels '63, of Roger Bartels Architects, LLC. Featuring a diverse array of animals indigenous to the park and surrounded by hand-painted rounding boards that celebrate the park's rich 100-year history, this whimsical masterpiece stands as every child's dream and a portal to nostalgia for adults.

The complex, dedicated during New York State Park's centennial, reflects the architectural grandeur of great national parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone. With a total area of 7,500 square feet, it boasts a unique design that reimagines Rustic American National Park design, blending a circular pavilion housing the merry-go-round and a square section ideal for social gatherings, meetings, and parties. An enchanting skylight at the intersection illuminates the carousel's magic.

Inside, a large fireplace takes center stage, anchored by the mural "Hope," painted by Jacques Bartels. This mural traces the park's origin, a place of serene forests, open spaces, and playfulness for all. Over a century ago, New York City children would escape the smog and threats of tuberculosis by coming to the park by train and bus. Today, this merry-go-round is a testament to the park's founders and their mission to provide a breath of fresh air to those in need.

This whimsical masterpiece stands as every child's dream and a portal to nostalgia for adults

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