Car Barn

It is often refreshing to work for clients that aren’t human!  The client – an avid car enthusiast with a diverse passion for the latest performance vehicles as well as award-winning classics – sought to create a detached storage facility that could garage six vehicles outside of the main dwelling garages.  Set into the bucolic landscape of Wilton, CT – and knowing that this structure would be in front of the main house – the concept was to create a “barn” structure that is a consistent part of the local vocabulary.  Limited in space by wetlands, the volume of the new structure is a play on form and scale that is intended to be the ancillary structure on the property – but to also accommodate the necessary storage lifts.


As a climatically controlled space, the interior finishes are replicated to appear as authentic barn construction.  The owner’s collection of authentic classic automotive signs, antique fuel pumps, 50’s soda pop refrigeration, and jukeboxes contribute to the experience.