Restoring Old New England Homes: Preserving History with a Modern Twist

Good architecture is inspired by its natural environment.

New England is a place of stories etched into its very foundations, where every weathered plank and aged brick tells a story. At Christopher Pagliaro Architects, we hold a deep reverence for the architectural significance of the historic homes we work in and believe in the power of restoration projects to safeguard the charm of yesteryears while seamlessly weaving in modern design elements.

In this blog, we'll explore the significance of restoration projects and their role in conserving the captivating history of New England's colonial homes.


Respecting a Rich Tapestry of Architectural History

Our architectural haven lies in New England, a region adorned with a treasure trove of old and historic structures, beckoning for revival. Our foundation is rooted in the belief that the past can serve as a wellspring of inspiration for contemporary designs.

Restoration and preservation are the key tools in our kit, enabling us to breathe new life into buildings and their elements. We tread a path of authenticity, incorporating modern materials while preserving the intricate historical detailing that makes each structure unique. Our artistry involves matching window detailing, trim, and scrutinizing the existing siding or brickwork to restore it to its former glory.

The complexity of the process becomes evident when we consider that an antique window fails to meet today's standards for insulated glazing systems, and window sizes pose challenges in complying with contemporary egress codes. However, our clients who share our appreciation for the historical significance of these structures often yearn to revitalize them, encompassing both exterior restoration and a complete interior transformation that aligns with modern lifestyles.

While restoration projects breathe new life into these cherished structures, they come with their own set of challenges. From a gutted manor house that we reconstituted from the ground up to an almost original, code-breaking 1800s farmhouse whose reinvigorated restoration was voted Connecticut Preservation Project of the Year, we delved into a few of these in this blog outlining the importance of restoration projects.

"The historical significance of these structures often yearn to revitalize them"

Our unwavering passion for old architecture is no secret. We embrace the complex dance our team often performs to navigate through the intricate requirements of restoration projects. Historic structures not only house the stories and styles of bygone eras but also lay the foundation for modern architects to craft something new and extraordinary.

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