Rising Tides: The Difference Between Bad House Lifts and Good House Lifts

Good architecture is inspired by its natural environment.

The New England homes we serve range in size and location but one thing remains constant: their age and prime waterfront locations often add a consideration to our renovation projects. As seasoned luxury architects specializing in New England's coastal landscapes, we understand the nuances that separate mediocre endeavors from the great, especially when it comes to a project as significant as a house lift.

Below, the luxury home architects at Christopher Pagliaro Architects explore some of the differences between bad and good house lifts, the potential risks confronting waterfront homes, and best practices that define exceptional house lifting projects.

What Determines Whether It’s a Good or Bad House Lift?

A house lift involves lifting a home above its original foundation. While there are a variety of reasons one might choose to embark on this type of project—building an additional floor under the main level of a home, protecting a home from frequent flooding, or adding parking or storage space on a limited lot— the main differences between what makes a good or bad house lift are multifaceted.

In some of the best examples, as was the case in Historically New, structural integrity, engineering precision, and aesthetics all work together to create a functional space that stands the test of time. The 1800s general store that made up the bones of this project violated zoning laws, including a nonconforming elevation to the flood zone it sits within, and was in desperate need of updates. We painstakingly raised the floor elevation of the house to accommodate the flood zone and carefully restored and reinstalled historic windows, shutters, and even a front door to maintain the historic charm while fixing the property’s structural integrity for centuries to come.

Our exceptional custom home projects are characterized by meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. From the quality of materials employed to the expertise of the architectural firm involved, every facet of the house lift projects we take on speaks volumes about the caliber of craftsmanship at play.

A subpar house lift, on the other hand, may prioritize expediency and price over craftsmanship.

Potential Risks of Waterfront Homes and Pitfalls Associated with Subpar House Lifts

Waterfront homes, while luxurious, are not immune to the ravages of nature. Erosion, thunderstorms, and even hurricanes are all risks of living in a coastal community. When shoddy construction or inadequate preparation pairs up with that risk, the ultimate result can be a disaster of massive proportions. Structural problems can be particularly devastating. Poor considerations for sufficient elevation may also threaten the longevity of the home leading to costly repairs down the line— or worse.

Common Features of Good House Lifting Projects

Exemplary house-lifting projects can have truly impressive outcomes. These endeavors, characterized by meticulous planning, innovative engineering, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, embody the pinnacle of architectural ingenuity we strive for at Christopher Pagliaro Architects, but a good house lift doesn’t just happen overnight.

It takes time, strict adherence to best practices, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. As experienced restoration architects who possess an intimate understanding of New England's coastal architecture, homeowners turn to us to accentuate the best features of their homes and build their architectural legacies for generations to come.

The distinction between bad and good house lifts can make a difference between a home that is for now or forever. When choosing someone to take on this significant renovation project it’s important to look for an architect with a history of excellence and integrity. As waterfront architects dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, we invite you to embark on this journey with us. Connect with our team today and experience the transformative power of exceptional house-lifting projects firsthand.

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