Tokeneke Club

Our team embarked on a mission to reinvent one of the more special places in Fairfield County, the Tokeneke Club.  With over 155 years of heritage, a series of Brutalist buildings and additions were no longer capable of withstanding the current standards of the numerous floods.  Working with noted club specialists, Rogers-McCagg, we endeavored to create a comprehensive site plan that mitigated years of utilitarian planning that created pedestrian confusion, cluttered spatial flow and failed to appropriately take advantage of the views of Long Island Sound and Five Mile River.

The solution coincides with the Club’s program.  A great, open-air space was created at grade to accommodate weddings, fashion shows, charity events – and kid’s camps – all capable of interchanging within moments – all under a mechanically retractable roof!  The great outdoor space is embraced by the elevated administrative office, private dining/meeting rooms, the tennis pro shop, and locker rooms.  The semicircular planning echoes the fluidity of the coastal waters while lending softness and amplifying the panoramic views.